Reducing hand injuries at work


Injuries at work are a serious concern for any employer and whilst the number of reported accidents in the workplace is steadily declining, there are still too many happening.

According to the Health and Safety at Work Report (2017), 137 people were killed at work between 2016 and 2017. In addition, the Labour Force Survey states there were approximately 609,000 incidences of non-fatal injuries occurring in the workplace.

Of those, lifting and handling was the second most reported type of injury at 22%. This stat suggests there are still improvements to be made in ensuring workers’ hands are protected and they are issued with the correct PPE to carry out their jobs safely and comfortably, so we’ve put together some simple but effective strategies to help you do this.

Ways to reduce hand injuries

- All staff should receive comprehensive health and safety training which is refreshed and updated periodically.
- Conduct risk assessments on workstations when tasks change and adjust PPE selection accordingly. One glove will not necessarily work for all handling applications.
- Carry out in-depth trial programmes when introducing new items of PPE to ensure it provides the correct level of protection, fit and dexterity before committing.
- Ensure workers have access to a wide range of sizes to ensure gloves and sleeves fit correctly to each individual. Ill-fitting gloves can have a negative effect on performance
- Monitor PPE frequently for signs of wear. If the gloves or sleeves show signs of holing replace immediately, do not attempt to repair.
- If items are being laundered ensure the correct washing procedures are followed to reduce potential shrinkage, pilling or felting which could make workers reluctant to wear them.
- If a high level of cut resistance is required, ensure dexterity is not compromised to achieve the correct level of protection.

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The HSE has also made a poster available of vital stats on Health and safety at work to help you make employees aware of the importance of safety in the workplace and using the correct PPE:

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