Rhino Yarn™ Brand Story


A+A in Dusseldorf was the launchpad for our Rhino Yarn™ brand story campaign celebrating our rich heritage in UK manufacturing, the skillset and the faces behind the technology.

It’s our story of the people and the place and a brave eureka moment that kick-started the Tilsatec journey and the foundation on which the global PPE manufacturing business is built on today.

A People, A Place

The first two strands in the Rhino Yarn™ story are a place, Wakefield in West Yorkshire, and the people who live here. In the 19th century, this is where water running down from the gritstone Pennine Hills came together with an industrious, highly skilled local population. The result was the perfect conditions for a textile industry that went on to export products all over the world.

A Sense of Purpose

In 2001 Tilsatec, a newly formed technical division of Tilsa Yarns, began testing different combinations of technical fibres, and in 2002 Rhino Yarn went into production.

We’ve never been afraid to try new things. So, in 2001 our yarn technologists began developing composite yarn structures with a stainless steel core.
As soon as we were able to process and spin stell to incredibly fine grades whilst achieving high-cut performance, we knew we were onto something.

The Thread Goes On

Determind to remain in complete control we created our own purpose-built independent Research and Development laboratory. Having a facility like this on site equips us to be ready for the future.
It means we can try out new ideas and fresh combinations of materials while maintaining stringent due diligence and quality control.

“We’ve always been driven to innovate. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, to go finer and lighter. To find the optimum balance between comfort and cut resistance”.

As part of the Rhino Yarn™️ brand story campaign, we’ve created our storybook as a limited edition print.
To receive your own copies of the storybook contact: marketing@tilsatec.com or tel: 01924 231675 and we’ll be happy to send some out to you.
You can find out more about the Rhino Yarn™️ manufacturing process here: