Rhino Yarn

Learn more about the Rhino Yarn technology that goes into all of our cut resistant products.

Discover Rhino Yarn

In Every Fibre

Whenever you see the Rhino Yarn mark it means a product has been made using our own yarn technology. With this comes the assurance of full quality control, processing traceability and mechanical performance efficiencies built in at every level.

How Does It Work?

Rhino Yarn technology is an engineered yarn process which combines various technical fibres and materials. Such materials can be used on their own, but when blended together to create a composite yarn, can achieve significantly higher levels of cut protection, without compromising on comfort or dexterity.

Each component is carefully selected to engineer a product which delivers the desired mechanical performance in the most efficient and value driven structure possible.

Manufactured on site by a dedicated team of yarn technologists, Tilsatec are able to design bespoke developments to meet customers’ exacting needs in a wide range of industries.

Backed up by 135 years of experience in yarn and textile manufacturing, an extensive R&D facility and more recently investment in a comprehensive glove testing laboratory, Tilsatec is well placed to meet the rapidly changing and diverse hand and arm protection needs of industry, today and in the future.