Customer Success Story - The Metal Drum Company


“When I started my position at The Metal Drum Company in 2018, I carried out comprehensive accident/injury reviews and noted that 90% of recorded injuries were from cuts to hands. On review, I concluded the company was using sub-standard hand protection”.

HSEQ Manager
The Metal Drum Company

The Metal Drum Company is a leading manufacturer of steel drums ranging from 5L to 230L for a broad number of industries. Predominantly supplying the UK with some export to the EU and the US, their process begins with steel coils direct from steel mills and cut sheets prior to a continuous production process which includes handling of bottom, end, and top blanks.

Tilsatec were contacted to discuss the hand injuries occuring on site and issue a small number of glove samples to employees handling sheet steel between 0.95 and 1.05mm. Early feedback was good, so the trial was expanded. After 4 weeks of use, feedback started to come back with comments such as “far better, lasts ages, feel safe, etc” so an induction program was initiated throughout the areas that required the specific cut protection.

In 2020, cuts to hands accounted for only 5% of total injuries and investigations proved the injuries sustained were whilst using the incorrect type of glove, i.e. not the level of cut protection required.

Educating the workforce was key and there are now safety posters in place provided by Tilsatec ‘Stay One Step Ahead of Hand Injuries’ and the 50-5121 image as the way to do this!

The 50-5121 mediumweight cut level E glove has now been upgraded to the 50-6121 providing incredible level F cut protection. The breathable, sandy, foam palm coating delivers excellent grip, and the thumb crotch has been reinforced with a nitrile patch to provide additional support and protection in a key high action area when handling metal parts.

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