Rhinoguard™ 19" sleeve


RHINOGUARD™ is a highly engineered textile composite designed to provide the highest levels of protection against a wide range of puncture hazards. Constructed from an innovative combination of advanced fibres, modified fabric structure and a unique coating technology to deliver high levels of protection against both large and small puncture threats (including needles and syringes).

The 19” sleeve provides all the performance of RHINOGUARD™ in a full length sleeve protecting the wrist, forearm, elbow and bicep areas for handling materials which offer potential cut and puncture hazards. A series of pleats to the elbow area means no restriction of movement and a thumb slot ensures a secure fit. As the RHINOGUARD™ fabric provides liquid protection the sleeve is ideal for glass handling, metal forming, waste management and recycling.


Features & Benefits

    • EN388: 2016 cut resistance level E
    • EN388: 2016 4 × 4 4 F
    • Rhino Yarn™ cut resistant technology
    • EN388: 2016 level 4 puncture resistance
    • ASTM F2878-10 hypodermic needle test: 5.7 Newtons

Enquire about this product ?

Enquire about this product ?

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