Medium weight cut level F leather reinforced sandy foam nitrile palm coated glove


The 53-7191 glove from Tilsatec is our popular 53-7121 glove but with the addition of a leather palm reinforcement over the foam nitrile coating. Delivering level F cut resistance to EN388:2016, utilising lighter, finer steel for high comfort and softness the glove offers incredible protection and durability for the hardest of tasks.
The sandy foam nitrile palm coating delivers good wet and dry grip whilst the cow grain leather palm provides cushioning for repetitive handing and reinforcement, extending the life of the glove.


Features & Benefits

    • Level F cut resistance to EN388:2016
    • Manufactured using a new RhinoYarn® composition utilising a lighter, finer steel in 13gg
    • EN388:2016 4,X,4, 3
    • EN407:2020 contact heat level 1
    • Sandy foam nitrile palm coating provides good wet and dry grip
    • Black nitrile thumb crotch provides additional reinforcement
    • Cow grain leather palm provides cushioning for repetitive handling and increased durability protecting the nitrile coating below Both the leather and sandy foam nitrile handle light oil well providing a solid grip and handling

Enquire about this product ?

Enquire about this product ?

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