Ultra lightweight 18 gauge cut level D PU palm coated glove


The 58-4110 represents the next generation in our innovative range of cut resistant gloves. Delivering level D cut resistance to EN388:2016, the 58-41 range is a new family we have designed specifically for this category. Providing good all round mechanical protection, durability and grip in a form-fitting 18 gauge liner, you no longer have to choose between protection and dexterity.

Combined with the ultimate in fingertip touch sensitivity and tactility, the robust PU palm coating delivers good grip even when slight oil/lubricants are present. Wearers can switch from hand tools to small components with ease, reducing the need to remove gloves between tasks.

58-4110 cut resistant level D PU palm closeup situ

Features & Benefits

    • Ultra fine 18 gauge lightweight liner
    • EN388:2016 level D cut resistance
    • RhinoYarn® cut resistant technology
    • EN388: 2016 3 × 4 1 D
    • Extremely high level of fingertip sensitivity and tactility
    • Durable PU palm coating provides good grip
    • Dark colour liner hides dirt, extending the life of the glove
    • Seamless liner and cuff gives a smooth, comfortable feel

Enquire about this product ?

Enquire about this product ?

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