Customer Success Story - Senior Aerospace


Hand injuries on-site reduced by over 80%
Senior Aerospace, Bird Bellows – Health & Safety Manager

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows is a market-leading supplier of precision sheet metal fabrications to the Aerospace industry.
Products are production standard for all Airbus Aircraft, Embraer Regional Jets and Rolls-Royce Aero Engines and their specialty is metallic flexible joints and ducting systems manufactured in all grades of Titanium, high and low-temperature Nickel Alloys, CRES and Aluminium.

Tilsatec were initially tasked with reducing the number of lacerations and hand injuries that were occurring at the site. Following comprehensive site surveys to gain a thorough understanding of the hazards encountered and the type of high-value parts that were being handled an up-spec in cut protection was recommended and the 55-5110 cut level E 15 gauge glove was specified.

Since introducing the PU palm coated 55-5110 glove in August last year, the number of hand injuries on site has been dramatically reduced. So much so they currently have recorded an 82% reduction of hand-cut injuries occurring.

“We initially did a trial of 50 pairs across various value streams, this trial was by far the most positive engagement exercise yet, that provided the people with a glove that was comfortable, dexterous and most importantly the safest we have adopted. All the staff are happy wearing them and they are much preferred to the previous glove used”. Health and Safety Manager, Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows.

If you are interested to see how the 55-51 range of gloves can work for you or you’re looking to review your current hand protection program, you can request a free on-site trial: and we’ll be happy to help.