Antimicrobial cut level F food sleeve


The 74-8111 Tilsatec food approved sleeve is designed to be worn in conjunction with one of the antimicrobial food gloves: 71-7110, 72-8110, and 73-9110, the sleeve provides extended incredible level F cut protection to the arm to minimise injury caused when performing repeated knife-hand actions, processing and handling foodstuffs.


Features & Benefits

    • EN388: 2016 level F cut resistance (ANSI 105:2016 A8)
    • EN388: 2016 4 × 4 X F
    • New yarn structure delivers improved mechanical performance and comfort
    • Permanent antimicrobial component
    • Free from glass fibre to prevent product contamination
    • Designed for use with a Tilsatec food glove
    • Thumb slot for a secure fit
    • Elasticated top to keep sleeve in place

Enquire about this product ?

Enquire about this product ?

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